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Dianabol Thai 10 mg

Anabol, Bionabol, Naposim, Methandrostenelone, Metandienona
Dianabol Thai 10 mg  
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Category: Dianabol
Supplier: British Dispensary
Packaging: 500 tabs 10mg oral
Description: Dianabol is a testosterone (or anabolic) steroid with a 17 alpha alkylated group attached. Dianabol is widely used for the cure of many problems. It is more or less the same as any other testosterone in its anabolic function, except one enhanced feature is that it is a class I steroid and it acts through the liver. This is only because of the presence of the 17-alpha group attached to it's this makes it possible to pass through liver without damaging it permanently.

Dianabol is mostly used to cure problems (like all anabolic steroid available in the market) but with good results in little time. It is used to enhance anaerobic glycolysis, to produce sufficient amounts of lactic acid in the body. Lactic acid is a key component for the consumption of glycogen by muscles to produce energy, although this energy is only available for a short time. Lactic acid is also good for the disposal of dietary carbohydrates in order to reduce fat in body. It also increases the appetite in patients who are very weak. It has also been recorded that in cases of osteoporosis, it is very effective with dosages of 5mg per day for 9 months. It is better than any calcium supplementation, as it not only aids calcium regulation but also helps muscles to bind with bone to give complete strength. It not only regulates calcium but also potassium in the body, which in turn is very useful for nerve induction and muscle health. One very interesting fact recently observed in laryngeal cancer patients is that Dianabol increases the sensitivity of laryngeals cells to radioactivity, which makes it a good drug to give these patients, to promote rapid results during radioactive therapy.

It has been found during research that high doses of Dianabol can cause many liver problems, for example hepatitis, jaundice, liver cancer and liver tumors. There are also many other side effects associated with high doses, and it is recommended to take low doses to avoid these health problems. Anti Estrogen drugs can also be added to this anabolic in order to avoid further estrogenic side effects. It is also reported that acne, hair growth, deepening of voice and many sex related problems also become worse with its use.
Alternative names: Anabol, Bionabol, Naposim, Methandrostenelone, Metandienona
Side effects: A side effect is usually regarded as an undesirable secondary effect which occurs in addition to the desired therapeutic effect of a drug or medication. Side effects may vary for each individual depending on the person's disease state, age, weight, gender, ethnicity and general health. Please ask your doctor or pharmacist for professional advice or visit www.drugs.com/sfx.
Dose: Please ask your doctor or pharmacist for professional advice!

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