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26.88 USD
4x Clenbuterol -10% 24.19 USD
10x Clenbuterol -15% 22.85 USD
Clenbuterol is approved for use as a bronchodilator for asthma patients.
Cytomel T4  
23.52 USD
2x Cytomel T4 -5% 22.34 USD
Synthroid T4 (Synthroid; generic name Levothyroxine Sodium) from Unipharma is used for treating low thyroid activity and treating or suppressing different types of goiters.
Cytomel T3  
26.88 USD
2x Cytomel T3 -10% 24.19 USD
Cytomel T3 (Cytomel; generic name Liothyronine Sodium) from Abdi Ibrahim is used for treating low thyroid function.
168.00 USD
Xenical is used to help obese people who fit certain weight and height requirements lose weight and maintain weight loss.
Litramine XLS Medical  
89.60 USD
Litramine XLS Medical is ideal weight loss formula should include healthy diet and workout program along with slimming supplements. XLS medical fat binder claims to be one such formula which lets you lose weight through natural means.
274.40 USD
33.60 USD
Ephedrine is a central nervous system stimulant used to treat breathing problems (as a bronchodilator), nasal congestion (as a decongestant), low blood pressure problems (orthostatic hypotension), or myasthenia gravis.
Ventolin Inhaler  
40.32 USD
Drugs containing albuterol are prescribed for the prevention and relief of bronchial spasms that narrow the airway. This especially applies to the treatment of asthma. Some brands are also used for the prevention of bronchial spasm due to exercise.

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